Core Values

Customer Service

At Fix My Phone, we realize that we wouldn’t have a business without our customers. So we strive to make customer service our number one priority. Our goal is to provide such an unbelievable experience for our customers that they brag about us to everyone they know. Here’s how we accomplish this task:

  • We only hire the best Tech Professionals, Customer Service Reps and Administrative staff who grasp the importance of customer service.
  • Our business model focuses on always remembering that the Customer is the Boss.
  • We will all learn your name and always meet you with a warm greeting.
  • Fix My Phone has low warranty cases because we pay close attention to detail and make sure we fix it right the first time!
  • Customer success stories are fantastic and we let our customers know how appreciative we are when they write a review on facebook, google, yelp or any other site!

Strong Communication Skills

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. To be a good communicator, you have got to be a good listener. Our staff have been taught to listen to our customers so you can guarantee that your needs will be heard.


Our staff will only act in your best interest. We are not here to just sell you a service or product - we want to service your needs. It's as important to us as it is to you that you get your device fixed!

Contribution and Community Involvement

At Fix My Phone, we value giving back to the community. We will focus all initiatives on increasing the quality of life in our community.

These are the values that our business is founded upon. Through these, we will strive to assist as many people as possible to keep them connected 24/7! Honest - Fast - Reliable is our motto.

Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share with you our company values!

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